[vcf-midatlantic] Cool -- Bill Gates...

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Tue Feb 26 15:38:38 EST 2019

 >> Very cool.  I've heard horror stories of loaning out retro gear to 
film and TV productions - when they don't take proper steps to protect 
it's condition.  Have you have any bad experiences yet where something 
has returned damaged?

 >> That's awesome! I watched some of that show. How does it work 
supplying vintage computers to a tv show? Do you ship them and provide 
loaded software depending on the use case?

Generally, a production's prop worker contacts us and discusses their 
needs. What they need, when they need it, whether it needs to operate, 
where the production is being filmed, and what is their budget.

Then we get back to them with a detailed proposal. That includes the 
price, terms, items included, and transportation details.

We always require that they provide proof of their insurance. We also 
require them to sign a rental contract and a separate materials handling 
contract (what they can/can't do with an artifact).

One of the rules is that if anything needs to be turned on, then a 
representative from our group MUST be present. Under no circumstances do 
we allow a film crew to turn on anything without our supervision.

We've never had a horror story because everything is done very 
professionally. Contracts, signatures, insurance, clear rules, etc.

We don't accept every request that comes our way. We turn down anything 
that's too small-time (budget) and anything with unreasonable requests 
(if they want to rent something like a Straight-8, or if they have 
unreasonable timelines, etc.).

There's a page on vcfed.org about it: http://vcfed.org/wp/services/props/.

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