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Mike Loewen mloewen at cpumagic.scol.pa.us
Fri Jan 4 14:38:21 EST 2019

On Fri, 4 Jan 2019, Ethan Dicks via vcf-midatlantic wrote:

> I would prefer a focus on late 80s over early 90s but in part that's
> just because once you get to CD installs on 90s hardware, it's just
> not that vintage of an experience (vs jumping through the flaming
> hoops of the 80s).

    "Flaming hoops", indeed.  :-)  My first Sun installations were done with 
QIC tapes.  The first time I had to rebuild the kernel, I was nervous as hell 
that the system wouldn't come back up again,

> This is how I earned my living in the mid-80s through late-90s, so I
> have a bit of background with DEC and Sun gear.

    I was working for a CAD VAR from 1988 - 1994. I started on a Sun 3/60 
around 1990, then used most every Sun workstation through the SPARC 10 and 
finally an Ultra 10 at the university.  I was a die-hard SunOS holdout, until 
I finally had to switch to Solaris.

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