[vcf-midatlantic] 1990s Unix Workstation Sub-Group

Lou despairempire at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 20:40:59 EST 2019

Oh man, well I guess I have to let the cat out of the bag now that I was
actually planning on doing a workstation Unix exhibit for this upcoming
East as my first exhibit. The main reason for this aside from my love of
Unix and all of its flavors is that we are approaching on the 50th birthday
of Unix itself this year! It would have been a great way to celebrate Unix
and its impact to the world.

Hearing all about this though, this makes things even more better! I
already talked to Andy on the matter and we are considering on doing a
group/team effort for this exhibit now. More people means more examples of
Unix for us to show off and really show off its impact in computing and in
the industry. I already have been hunting down examples for the exhibit for
more than a year now and have a NeXT system, a few Suns, a few SGI's that
need some work, and hopefully soon an HP-UX machine. I am also hoping on
getting my hands on a AT&T PC7300/3B1 Unix PC from Glitch in the near
future as well once we can work things out.

Also while I do not want to jump the gun too soon I might also be getting
my hands on a PDP-11 as well through some remarkable luck, but this is
still up in the air.

A mega Unix workstation/system exhibit this year for East would be
genuinely awesome, and knowing that this will be a team effort will make
things all the better!

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