[vcf-midatlantic] Repair Day Next Sat 12th - What to expect?

dillera at gmail.com dillera at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 13:20:33 EST 2019

Just a notice that I'll be bringing a bunch more stuff to give away or sell for $10 max at the repair day. Some Atari 8bit stuff, odds and Ends, Monitors (Commodore) and extra junk that is useful but that I will never use.

Trades are accepted first before I give any away or sell - so if you have something interested and Unixy, bring it and lets see what we have.
Anyone that can help me with fixes will also get first dibs on the give-away stuff. 

I'll also be bringing a SunU10 to try and get it to boot, An Apple IIFX to try and re-cap, and some PS to try and recap, assuming I get the caps. And a Tandy 600 that won't turn on.
Looks like i'll be bringing my A2000 and try to copy some floppies for another member.

I'm not that awesome w/ soldering, mostly due to lack of experience. I'm bringing my own soldering iron.

This will be my first one- just want to check and make sure what is going to happen will happen - is the main room used like at Festivus? Assuming that ppl that come must bring everything they need for work, or are there things there from VCF to use? (Irons, monitors, network etc) ?



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