[vcf-midatlantic] Andy's 2019 Clean out - more complete systems

dillera at gmail.com dillera at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 15:33:16 EST 2019


I'm really trying to clean out my stuff and get rid of things that work but that I will never use.

Some are of little value, and I've been bringing that stuff up and giving it away (a bunch is coming next Saturday).

However I have a few systems (Mac, Amiga, Powebook etc) that are of some value and I want to see them go somewhere useful.

But due to recent shipping hazards I'm not willing to ship them- so meeting in person at InfoAge is a great solution to this problem.

I don't expect ebay crazy prices for them- just something fair. And I want to solve for some people finding out before others... therefore...

What I've decided is to do a first-price sealed-bid auction - anyone interested should reply to me off-list. I'll send you a list of the stuff. You reply back with your bid. 
Friday I'll announce to the entire group who has won what. I'll bring the stuff to InfoAge.

If you don't show up to claim it, it will go to the next bidder. If there are issues beyond that I'll get rid of it at InfoAge to someone, or do it again for the Feb Repair Day.



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