[vcf-midatlantic] Repair Day Next Sat 12th - What to expect?

Evan evan at vcfed.org
Sun Jan 6 22:13:27 EST 2019

>> I'm not that awesome w/ soldering, mostly due to lack of experience. I'm
>> bringing my own soldering iron.
> There are plenty of members to help you with that at the workshop.
>> This will be my first one- just want to check and make sure what is going
>> to happen will happen - is the main room used like at Festivus? Assuming
>> that ppl that come must bring everything they need for work, or are there
>> things there from VCF to use? (Irons, monitors, network etc) ?
> No it will be in the "main" building called 9032-A. I will send out a
> reminder with all the info soon.

Andy: in time you will learn your way around the campus and the zany 
building number scheme installed here by the Army in 1941. :)

VCF has some tools available to borrow (including a nice desoldering 
station) but mostly people bring their own.

As you can see here on the list, and as you learned in person at 
Festivus, we're all happy to share/help. That is what makes the group 

Unlike at VCF East (and to a lesser degree Festivus) -- when we're 
fairly specific about details -- the workshops are pretty much show up, 
pick a table, and have at it.

Jeff B. is in charge of the workshop logistics. The email he sends will 
cover the hours, event fee, where to park, etc.

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