[vcf-midatlantic] Amiga software help.

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Mon Jan 7 16:25:31 EST 2019

> I recently acquired an Amiga 2000HD to my collection. I got a box of
> various floppies from a friend but no complete OS set. The OS on the hard
> drive is partially corrupt or at least missing files. Thw system has a 2.0
> Rom in it but I have a 3.x Rom as well, if I can get a full set of Amiga OS
> 3.1 floppies.

I have them somewhere, they are available on the internet. Would you need 
a physical set for reinstall?

My suggestion is SCSI2SD. It's BEAUTIFUL!

I copied my system hard drive to SD card, then I can pull the SD card out 
and put it in my Windows 10 laptop. WinUAE can point to the SD card as the 
primary disk, and it can boot off of that SD card -- same system I get on 
the real machine. WinUAE can mount a windows directory to the Amiga OS and 
then you can copy stuff over.

I recommend getting the WHDLoad collection. Much of the amiga software 
expects you to boot it from floppy, bypassing the OS. WHDLoad patches all 
that to run straight from hard drive. I just dumped a ton of demos and 
games on my 2500HD and most of the games run and some of the demos run.

I recommend directory opus and lha.bin.

It kind of depends on what scsi card you have I think but I could prob dd 
the whole thing.

> If someone could help out with a set of OS/Workbench disks, it would be
> greatly appreciated. And if it's OS 3.1, I'll have to swap my ROM and
> hopefully not have to reformat the hard drive since I don't have a backup.

If you can get a scsi2sd, I think you could just install the OS under 
winuae to SD card then boot that card ont he machine!!!!

I have OS disks though and an eprom programmer if you need the other bits 

I came up on DOS PC but yea, Amiga stuff is cool. Hacky, but cool.


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