[vcf-midatlantic] SGI Indigo help at tomorrow's workshop (Saturday)

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Fri Jan 11 16:50:11 EST 2019

>     A couple of months ago, Ian and I started loading a pallet with
>     "networking stuff". One of these days that pallet will be magically
>     transformed into a shelving unit, and then such items will be neatly
>     organized. So if we do have the necessary adapter, then that's
>     where it
>     will eventually live.
> I love magic. Do you have any magicians to help you with that 
> transformation?

Yes. It happens when board members approve shelving funds and when I get 
volunteers to help put the shelves together. :)

Right now we have two unbuilt shelving units and I've got budget to buy 
four more, plus another one or two that we can assemble from spare 
parts. But there are higher priorities than networking gear for what 
gets sorted next.

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