[vcf-midatlantic] SGI Indigo help at tomorrow's workshop (Saturday)

dillera at gmail.com dillera at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 19:53:23 EST 2019

This is the original, which works but requires you to have all the ISOs-
https://github.com/halfmanhalftaco/irixboot <https://github.com/halfmanhalftaco/irixboot>

I use it for 5.3

This is the improved version with fetches the files and will even use ansible to do some admin/config post install!
https://github.com/unxmaal/booterizer <https://github.com/unxmaal/booterizer>
https://github.com/unxmaal/irix_ansible <https://github.com/unxmaal/irix_ansible>


> On Jan 11, 2019, at 7:08 PM, Ethan O'Toole <telmnstr at 757.org> wrote:
>> Well I installed my Personal Iris 4D via netboot method and that worked.
>> The indigo is newer.
>> -andy
> Cool beans then!
> I had published a repair for Indigo power supplies if they stop reporting the AC power status (Which causes a massive flood of AC power lost messages on console) on nekochan right before it died.
> The R3000 Indigo was my first SGI. I bought it from Reputable Systems in Colorado, used. It was expensive. I guess it paid off when I became a IRIX Admin @ NASA.
> Glad to see SGI getting all the recent love after years of slim interest.
> I was a huge SGI collector, owned most models except Origin 3000 series, 350, o2, fuel, tezro off the top of my head. Gave a lot of them away, sold some.
> Wish I could make it to the repair day!
> 			- Ethan

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