[vcf-midatlantic] SGI Indigo help at tomorrow's workshop (Saturday)

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Mon Jan 14 11:01:03 EST 2019

> The SGI Install area was actually a win, as we managed to go thru a 
> bunch of drives and SCSI magic to get Adam's Indigo working with a 
> fresh, full install of 5.3.

Good job! Very cool.

> We also pulled out the VCF's SGIs and discovered they have a Iris 4d, 
> Indigo 1 R4k (may be elan) and a Teal Indigo2.

Not bad!

> If anyone else is interested in SGI please come up for Feb.

Will see what my availability is. Was a huge SGI collector/hoarder but 
some stuff is a bit fuzzy these days. I had the SGI table at last VCF 
East. Oddly some SGIs I gave away came back to me, namely an Indy and 
Challenge S. I have a few add on boards for Indy/S (CPU, dual scsi 
mezz for Challenge S, etc.) Will see what I have and post list on here.

> I will also have my RS/6000 43P by then and will bring it to mess around 
> with. I've gotten rid of 95% of my stuff (thanks for everyone that bid, 
> won showed up and paid and took the stuff) and now I can focus on actual 
> repair work and slow prepping for the festival.

I am working to fine tune my collection as well. Huge lot of Amiga 
biz software just posted on English Amiga board after friend and myself 
bought three Amiga 4000T systems (wasn't cheap.)

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