[vcf-midatlantic] Multiple SGIs for sale and other vintage stuff in West Orange

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Mon Jan 14 11:04:46 EST 2019

> Perhaps a bit off topic, but I'm always puzzled by postings of "I want $$$$
> for this list of big items. Must be picked up in 12 hours or I'm throwing
> it in the dumpster"
> Aren't those kind of conflicting requirements?
> -J

Yes. My friend went thru 4 months of communications hell with some guy 
over some Amiga 4000Ts. Finally the guy puts them both on ebay and 
craigslist, with a must-be-picked-up-in-2-days kind of thing. Bids were 
coming in from New Zealand and stuff. Matt finally got the guy to talk on 
the phone and we bought the lot from him. Which was mismatched from the 
description since there were books and disks to expensive upgrades that 
weren't in the systems (PPC accelerator.) Still came out okay but wasn't 
as juicy of a deal as first thought but still cool.

Friend ended up driving up 5 hours Friday night, then we bought the 
machines Saturday morning bright and early, then he drove home to 
Norfolk area and picked up a 26' penske truck early the next morning. 
Filled it full of arcades and vintage computers then drove to MAGFest late 
that eve.

Compressed schedule from random deal.

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