[vcf-midatlantic] Andy's Jan Workshop Report

dillera at gmail.com dillera at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 13:31:06 EST 2019


Ok, I'll put some words on what I did. It was a fun productive Saturday and I hope to see most of you all next month.

- Completed sale/trade/swap for some excess stuff I'm getting rid of
- Setup my Network based IRIX install and worked with Lou and Adam to install IRIX on their SGI workstations. We did complete an install for Adam on his Indigo 1.
- We grabbed the VCF's SGI systems from the warehouse and brought them back to the room for a shake down
- I had an Amiga 2000 system setup to copy OS disks but didn't end up using that
- I saw a lot of amazing work - the Pet keyboard fix, lots of C64 fixing, Tandy 6000, Mac Apple work.
- I saw Ian fixing every CRT around and got them squared up and sharpened
- I smelled a capacitor giving up the smoke in a Profile disk on a IIe

Didn't have enough time to look at the VCF SGI systems - but that is my plan for Feb workshop.

https://imgur.com/a/oJuNPXo <https://imgur.com/a/oJuNPXo>

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