[vcf-midatlantic] OT: Recentish server and network hardware for sale

Adam Michlin amichlin at swerlin.com
Wed Jan 16 07:43:03 EST 2019

Contact: geschwinda1 at gmail.com (not me)

Location: Maplewood, NJ - Motivated seller leaving the country in a few 

Price is for each unless otherwise indicated but is negotiable, 
especially for large quantities:

2x Dell Poweredge T610 (dual Xeon E5645 CPUs, 24gb RAM - parts/broken?) 
$50 ea

2x Dell Poweredge 2900 (untested, 32gb RAM, single CPU) $100 ea

2x Dell Poweredge T110 II (unknown condition) $20 ea

2x Cisco UCS C200 M2 (redundant PSUs, 24gb RAM, dual quad-core Xeon 
CPUs, 4x 1tb SAS HDDs in RAID 10) $150 ea

1x Powervault 132T (2x ultrium 3 drives, 14? tapes) $150

1x PE 1800 (no PSU, unknown condition) $20 or thrown in with other stuff

2x IBM eServer i5 9406-520 (unknown condition) make an offer

1x Dell/EMC CX3-80 (unknown condition) - make an offer

1x Powervault 220S (unknown condition)  $20 or thrown in with other stuff

7x Dell Poweredge 2850 (no RAM, some HDDs, untested) $30 for 1, $20 each 
for 2+, $100 for all 7

3x Dell Poweredge R200 (some tested, some not) $40 for 1 or $80 for all 3

1x Dell Poweredge 1900 (untested) $40

1x Apple server (no drives, fans spin and lights turn on but I don't 
have a cable to check the display) $50

1x Powervault 122T (untested)$30

2x Dell Poweredge1855/1955 blade enclosures (untested)$200

7x Dell Poweredge1955 blades (untested)$20 ea

I also have a KVMdongle for USB and VGA output from the PE 1955 blades

1x Dell Poweredge1655MC blade enclosure & 6x PE 1655MC blades (untested) 
$100 for whole lot

Cisco 2501 router (untested) $10

2x Cisco 1841 router (untested)$25used, $35in open (refurb?) box

Cisco 2821 router (untested)$40

HP Procurve 2650 switch (untested)$25

Free or recycling:
1x PE 2500
2x PE 2450 (significant damage?)

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