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I've got a dual 133 MHz BeBox I'm working on fixing up. I bought it from a
local guy, it had been bricked some time in the 90's by a bad firmware
update. Another BeBox owner on #vc IRC got me the flash rescue floppy for
BeOS PR1, and that's gotten it as far as being able to actually boot the
NetBSD 8 installer. Apparently the floppy rescue is often unreliable
though, I don't get the Be logo on startup, and BeOS doesn't want to finish

It is indeed very interesting hardware, with an interesting OS to go with
it. Growing up, a friend of mine had one -- his dad worked for TWA as a
programmer and had convinced them to get him a 66 MHz BeBox. When the 133
MHz version came along, my friend got the old 66 MHz one.


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> >
> > For those not familiar, Be was a company launched by Jean Louis Gassie
> > (spelling) of Apple. He I believe was the guy behind Apple's 55% profit
> > margin (Source the Jim Carrolton book.)
> >
> > Be was pretty good multimedia wise, good multitasking, was not decaying
> > in that it was cleanly designed that updates and upgrades never harmed
> > the root OS files I believe. It existed for the BeBox which was a dual
> > PPC machine, Mac and PC hardware.
> And it lives on in Haiku!
> https://www.haiku-os.org/
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