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Fri Jan 18 04:16:56 EST 2019

That's quite a nice table.  Much appreciated!

- Alex

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> On 2019-01-17 20:25, Evan Koblentz via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> >
> > How about an overview class of weird/unusual Unixes? I know there's
> > one for Amiga; what others are off the beaten path?
> I suspect 50 years of UNIX will be a theme this year across the show
> circuit.  A group of us is planning a broad exhibit for Southeast.  I
> did a little digging earlier in the week and put together a quick
> spreadsheet of distinct threads of UNIX, *NIX, and UNIX-like operating
> systems.  I realize this can be a bit of a religious discussion so
> please don't make me regret speaking up/out.  I also don't want the
> discussion to be epic.  I realize I have HeliOS listed as one line same
> as Linux or BSD.  Clearly a universal difference in scope.  And I
> understand NetBSD != OpenBSD != FreeBSD, etc.  But I was after variant
> groupings not every derivative; otherwise I would exceed the 1M row
> limit in Excel!  So if you have specific feedback, maybe reply to me off
> list and I'll aggregate it and feed a new revision back in a couple
> days.  Otherwise, chime in here as I would appreciate some general
> feedback :)
> https://atlhcs.org/tmp/unix_lineage_p1.pdf
> -Alan

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