[vcf-midatlantic] Happy owner fo a Tandy MC-10

Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Sat Jan 19 11:23:47 EST 2019

On 1/19/19 9:06 AM, Duane Craps via vcf-midatlantic wrote:

I haven't gotten the MC-10 yet (won the bid last night). Before I start
buying parts for it I'll check that it works. I found some documentation
on the MC-10. I already have the 68xx asm books. Really need to find that
Moto 6808 CoCo board. I think that's what the MC-10 is abased on.

6800 family, binary compatible
6800 - microprocessor

6802 - 128B of RAM, (microprocessor)
6808 - No ROM, No RAM (microprocessor)

6801 - ROM, RAM, IO (microcontroller)
6803 - RAM, IO, No ROM (microcontroller)

6809 - different microprocessor, mnemonic super set (not binary compatible)

I haven't checked the circuit but it might be possible to feed it 9v AC
as long as you have the correct current rating (I think it's 1.5A). The
DC is okay for now as long as you don't need the RS232 and the cassette (ouch).

I have found the various French Alice and Alice 90 stuff. Not sure how
compatible it is but it's based on the MC-10. I'm sure there is something
interesting there.

I have a CoCo 1/2/3, a few Grant Searle's FPGA emulation boards, I'll let
you know how that goes. I also have my Sardis ST2900 which I should be working
on as I know they need a few chips and then documenting how we used to get them
from ROM monitor to full OS9. BTW, love the 6809. :-)

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