[vcf-midatlantic] White Ceramic 6502 for sale with questions

Jeff G jgalinat at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 15:47:43 EST 2019

Hi All,
  I have come to ask for some opinions bout a white 6502 processor that I
have acquired.  I has a date code 0f 4576 which I believe means the the
45th week of 1976.  The problem is that it has 7 broken pins.  I have no
idea how that happened as this is how it came to me.  It looks like it came
from an Atari Sprint video game as it had "sprint" written on it in pencil
which has been erased. You can still make out a faint outline of the pencil
markings if you look closely.
  I installed it in a machined pin socket to protect the pins so I could
attempt to test it with my 6502 tester.  I used a CPU tester that a fellow
name Molka from Hungary developed as it quickly establishes whether the CPU
is dead or alive.  Please see here <
http://www.cpushack.com/mc680xmcs650x-test-boards-for-sale/> if you want
more info.  Anyway, by contacting the stubs of the missing pins to the
machined pin socket, the device passes the tests so it is a functional
unit.  So here lies the dilemma, since I want to sell it, do I repair it or
sell it as is? I have similar gold IC legs from other bad vintage chips so
my repair would consist of leaving the chip in the machined pin socket and
tack soldering spare gold legs on the stubs and touching up with gold
plating solution if desired.
  So I guess the question is in preparation for sale, your opinions on
whether to repair it or leave it as-is and let the buyer repair it?

Here is a link to some pics of the CPU <

BTW, I would like to keep the sale local/face to face as I know these are
pretty rare and would hate to lose it in the mail.  I am in Northern NJ.
So if anyone is interested please let me know as I am accepting offers.  I
am reluctant to set a price because know how rare the are fully intact but
don't know with the broken pins.


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