[vcf-midatlantic] Apple IIe Duodisk Disk Drive

Michael Pohl michael.h.pohl at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 11:14:29 EST 2019

My son and I have an Apple IIe with a Duodisk 5.25 floppy drive.  The
floppy drive drive suddenly stopped loading programs but still lights up
and make the same loud turning noise when a disk is inserted.

I did some research and see that we can't load programs from drive B on the
Duodisk, but that we can open it up and swap the B drive to the A
location.  Of course, that won't solve the problem if the problem is with
the controller card or circuit board in the Duodisk.

Any opinions on whether we should (a) assume there's a mechanical issue
move froward with the swap or (b) do additional diagnostic work with the
control card and Duodisk circuitry?  If (b), what should we try?


Mike Pohl

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