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Tue Jan 29 21:44:00 EST 2019

Hi Bryan.

Welcome to VCF. I live in NoVA -- Fairfax, actually.

Great to have you.

Best Regards,

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> As a new member to the list, I am looking forward to meeting some other
> vintage computer enthusiasts and collectors and hopefully contribute to the
> conversation in the future.
> My whole work life has in some way involved technology, and my interest in
> computers goes back to elementary school with the TRS-80 model I and Apple
> II.  I grew up with Commodore machines at home, followed by TRS-80's and PC
> Clones later on.  I worked for Compuadd Corp in the 90's, then a local PC
> shop, then started my consulting business in 1994.  Most recently my full
> time gig has been in infrastructure and architecture for a couple of global
> non-profit organizations.  When I am not at work or spending time with
> family, my time is split between the computer collection and aviation.
> I have been intentionally collecting and restoring vintage hardware since
> 2006 with the future aspiration of having them on public display in some
> form either connected with an existing museum or starting something new.  I
> am located in central Virginia, and we currently have around 100 machines
> in the collection, with the majority dating from the mid '70s through 90's,
> and cover a broad range of home computers, business computers, portables,
> and gaming consoles. I am happy to say that approximately 90% of them are
> functional.  In addition to the usual suspects, some of our less common
> items include an IBM System/32, Basic Four Minicomputer, Acorn Electron,
> NeXT workstation, Xerox 1108 Lisp Machines, and the Commodore PC-10 IBM
> clone.
> I enjoyed my first visit to the VCF East last year and am looking forward
> to returning this year.  I am considering participating in some sort of
> exhibition at the festival, either on my own or in cooperation with others
> and Evan suggested that I join this list to see where my ideas might fit in
> with what others are doing.
> Much of our collection is documented here if anyone is interested:
> http://www.vacomputermuseum.org<http://www.vacomputermuseum.org/>
> Thanks for your time!

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