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Hi Mike 

I thought I'd put my two cents in the discussion here.

We have quite a few guys in our group that are "tube savvy" and could definitely help you out.

First thing I would start with Is obtaining the HealthKit diagram,
so you can see what's going on in the circuits.

Yes you do have to worry about high voltages.!

Determine what the issue is first,

 if you have a trace or deflection, or not,

if you have correct power supply voltages or not.

Having the right tools like a VTVM for a tube related to repair is absolutely necessary.

A digital meter will work as long as you have one that can handle the voltages.

Most likely the power supply has bad capacitors, it but that Has yet to be determined by checking the voltages in the power supply, against the schematic diagram if possible.

Having some new tubes on hand and swapping them out is not a bad idea, but usually not the best way to troubleshoot. 

If you plan on working on more tube type equipment, a tube tester is absolutely necessary!

I am available for help if needed.

And bringing it to one of our workshops is probably a good idea if you're in the area.

Mike R.

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