Help identify Motorola transistor

Fred Terry fdterry at
Wed Jun 12 11:52:19 EDT 2019

My name is Fred Terry. I was a member of the VCF list a few years ago but there was an incompatibility with my <> address and I was dropped.
I am not certain of protocol so please excuse.

I am trying to revive my Persci 277 but I have a bad T0220 transistor marked with the (Motorola logo) followed by 813 and having a bottom line of 1075-1.
I bought the Persci new in the late 70s and have all the manuals but the bad transistor is on the power supply board for which there is no information.

I remember when I joined the VCF someone was working with his Persci 277 but I have lost his name. I have registered for the August repair weekend 
but I live in Cockeysville, Maryland and i am facing a three hour drive. I could avoid the drive if I could get a replacement transistor.

I bought my Imsai 80/30 in the late 70s along with the Persci 277, a Diablo printer and a Sol monitor. I have all the manuals and documentation for these
components as well as documentation for the CP/M operating system. The Imsai is running and I hope to get the Persci operating again so I can finish the
program I was writing. When finished I intend to donate what I have to the VCF Museum.  

Fred Terry

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