[vcf-midatlantic] OT: Here's my resume

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Jun 17 22:47:43 EDT 2019

Hey everyone.

I'm not unemployed: my job situation is just stuck in a rut (not 
counting the awesome work I have the privilege of doing for VCF!), so I 
decided to expand my horizons.

I had an "Ah-ha!" moment last night. I figured out that "IT 
communications specialist" is a real thing for which large-ish companies 
hire people like me.

For example: new company-wide IT changes? Complicated security trends? 
Problems with policy documentation? Need to explain to all the non-IT 
people what the heck virtualization is and why they should care? And so 
on ... there are a million topics to keep such a person busy. Most of 
the time this job is burdened to a junior IT staffer who can't write, 
CIO who's out of touch with the masses, or HR worker who doesn't 
understand the technology.

So, if you're on this list and you know of such a need at a big-ish 
company, then hire me! I'll be the guy who explains all things IT to 
everyone outside the department.

Here is my resume. Feel free to distribute as you see fit: 


PS. Please refrain from personal commentary about my goal or off-topic 

Evan Koblentz, executive director
Vintage Computer Federation

evan at vcfed.org
(646) 546-9999

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