[vcf-midatlantic] OT: Bob Applegate is not well

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Get well quick, Bob.  Good thoughts to you.

Bill S.

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Update on my status and the down web site:

The initial round of chemo knocked down the leukemia fairly well but I will need to go through additional treatments before qualifying for a bone marrow transplant.  I was released from the hospital last night and finally had good night's sleep… anyone who has ever spent a night in a hospital knows exactly what I mean!  Next week I start meeting with the leukemia team at HUP (Hospital of University of Pennsylvania) to work out the next step in the treatment plan.  During my stay I did write a lot of 6502 code with a KIM Clone in my room, and played around a lot with an LCD panel for the Arduino.  Ie, I never resorted to binge watching TV :-)

Of course, when it rains it pours, and I got an email from my web hosting provider saying the Corsham Tech WordPress site was hacked so they disabled the web page.  I hope to start debugging those problems this weekend.  Health concerns are first but I do have time now to actually work on fun stuff again.


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> Thanks for letting us know.
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>> His web site is down again but I did manage to catch a glimpse (cached) of this:
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>> Posted on May 29, 2019 by Bob
>> Long term suspension of business
>> Over the last few weeks I have been feeling weaker and eventually starting losing my breath while taking short walks.  My doctor sent me to the emergency room where I was diagnosed with Leukemia.  The treatment will require another 6 to 8 weeks in the hospital, so there is no way I can fill orders.
>> I have email, but won’t be checking very often.  It is unlikely any development work will take place, although my wife and kids have offered to bring things in for me to work on.
>> Any orders placed will be cancelled until further notice and monies refunded.
>> Bob
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