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Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Sun Mar 10 15:41:21 EDT 2019

Yeah, the one I posted to this list on February 3:
"As I came into be docent today I saw a flyer for an InfoAge event that I
thought others in this group might be interested in.
Kimberly Kowal Arcand will be a guest speaker at InfoAge on Mar. 9, 2019.
Ms. Arcand is the Visualization Lead for NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory
at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge Massachusetts."

There is also something on March 31 @ 2pm (same weekend as our repair
Frank O'Brien
NASA Solar System Ambassador
"It's a Small World: Asteroids and comets"
At the satellite dish: 2300 Marconi Rd, Wall.

Don't know why it isn't on the InfoAge website yet. Found the flyer at the
Arcand event.

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> >Interesting day! I was supposed to be at the InfoAge front desk (it was
> >VCF's turn), and Jeff B./Tony were supposed to co-docent in the museum,
> >but when I arrived there was already a radio club person at the front
> >desk. Some kind of scheduling mix-up, so I was off the hook. :) Jeff
> >went to the NASA lecture, Tony did some Apple II tech repair, and I
> >greeted visitors. We had a few families visit today and also some local
> >school administrators.
> What NASA lecture???

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