[vcf-midatlantic] Tandy 6000HD lives!

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Fri Mar 15 13:15:43 EDT 2019

>   Also, the 6000HD was where I learned Xenix.  A friend of mine in Sumner, 
> WA had one, and we wrote a multiuser BBS to run on it.  Four phone lines and 
> a constant stream of callers.

Very cool! I was a huge graphics and music fan, so I liked BBSes that had 
good ANSI support. I ran Telegard originally then moved to Remote Access 
(because no one was running it) and modified the colors a ton. Plus a 
friend was an ansi artist in one of the groups so he would make me 

Those days I wouldn't have been able to re-write the software to make it 
do ANSI well. Plus Unix term caps were kinda crazy.

I really liked the multi-user chat on the Amiga C-Net software, but didn't 
like much else about it. Was never a PCBoard or MajorBBS fan really. TBBS 
is SEXY the way they coded it, but that was expensive and I was a little 
kid running a BBS full of demos and music files (and some HPAV text files 

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