[vcf-midatlantic] Speaking of BBSes...

Blake Patterson blakespot at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 14:23:26 EDT 2019

Hah, this is great. I hope it does bring the spotlight on BBS of past (and
present!). I am active on several boards daily, right now. The one I hit
the most frequently is The Level 29 BBS ( bbs.foxxtexx.com ) which is the
official BBS of the r/Retrobattlestations subreddit. Stop in (telnet or

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> Not trying to get into politics but from the histoical "okay that is
> crazy..."
> It just hit the naws that one of the guys running for president who has
> been a politician for a while (Beto O'Rourke) was actually a member of
> cDc, Cult of the Dead Cow. This was a legendary "hacking" group that used
> to release a lot of t-files. He ran a BBS apparently. cDc held back this
> knowledge for a while so as to not interfere with his career but he went
> public with it. A book about cDc is supposed to come out.
> A whole lot of people that are not familiar with the old school hacking
> social groups and BBSes and all of that could potentially start to hear
> about it depending on how far the guy gets in politics. Could bring a lot
> of attention to 80s/90s computing and the community around it all.
>                         - Ethan

Heisenberg may have slept here.

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