[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Mar 17 20:37:01 EDT 2019

Today we had three or four groups of visitors with mild interest.

Martin spent all day continuing his work on the network/cameras project. 
He ran network wires in the ceiling for all four cameras and other 
stuff. We'll probably add two more cameras, but not for a while yet, and 
we ran out of time today.

Last time, we put PFsense (software firewall) onto our server. Before it 
just ran ordinary Ubuntu. Now it runs the firewall 24/7 and supplies 
DHCP. We had a problem getting the cameras to obtain IP addresses, but 
we have a plan for fixing that next time.

We also rewired basically the whole network. Before, our LTE modem also 
served public Wifi. Now it is used * exclusively * for getting 
connecting the firewall to the Internet, and nothing else. Thus our wifi 
is temporarily down; it'll be back in another week or two when we bring 
an access point back online (replacing the older Cisco unit with a newer 
one from another company; I forget which brand Martin said.)

All of the network wires from the cables and from elsewhere in the 
museum now go through a patch panel. I'll get us some matching cords so 
it looks nice. Right now they are all gray and different lengths ... no 
good! :)

Martin also swapped out our main switch for a different model. The old 
one only had PoE on half of its ports, and one or two ports seemed dead. 
The new one has PoE on the whole switch.

So it was a productive day, and I learned a few more things about 

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