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Mike Loewen mloewen at cpumagic.scol.pa.us
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>>  wrote:
>>>  The foil-and-foam Keytronics keyboard required a complete rebuild
>>>  (disintegrating foam), and a Sun Type 4 keyboard was sacrificed to
>>>  provide replacement pads.
>>  I have done the same steal pads to fix another keyboard since I didn't
>>  have the time to make them myself. If you hadn't heard about them this
>>  place sells ready to go pads. I bought a set to fix the donor but haven't
>>  tried them yet.
>>  https://texelec.com/product/foam-capacitive-pads-keytronic/
>>  .
> Has anyone figured out a material which can be used to replace the original 
> aluminized(?) paper discs from keytronic keyboards? The foam I know (vaguely) 
> what type it originally was.
> I have four of them here (one kb3270 and three victor 9000 keyboards) where 
> the foam has turned to goo and corroded away most of the metal on the discs, 
> so I don't think they can be re-used.

    Several people (me included) have used a "space blanket" from WalMart as 
the mylar layer.  You have to make sure that the conductive side is attached 
to the foam.

    For whatever reason, the latest batch of pads I made didn't work (only 
about 10% success rate) on the Tandy 6000 keyboard.

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