[vcf-midatlantic] WTD: PDP-11 tape drive?

W2HX w2hx at w2hx.com
Mon Mar 18 22:45:06 EDT 2019

Just a small update on this. My 17 year old son and I struggled, but we got it up two flights of stairs to the attic. It was brutal. It was not fun. When the house is sold, it will be the new owners problem!

Now to locate a QT13 and some ribbon cables. Then to get my PDP-11 actually operational.

73 Eugene W2HX

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>>  But congrats on a great score.  Sucks about the lack of rack rails, as
>> they're pretty specific to this drive.  But don't worry about the
> Some "generic" rails and someone with a metal brake could quickly remedy
> that problem. ;)  I don't believe you could support that on too many, if
> any, "drawers" with that weight.  A piece of thinner angle iron could be
> bolted into your rack to hold the drive in it but it wouldn't provide the
> ability to slide the drive in-and-out.

  We have a metal brake at the workshop.  This much weight, though,
would worry me.  I'd use a four-point-mount shelf.


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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