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Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Mar 24 19:28:17 EDT 2019

I'm willing to talk to her, but we do not purchase artifacts and we're not
going to fix or store anything on behalf of a for-profit business.

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> Hi all,
> I went to Kemner's Surplus Warehouse yesterday and picked up miscellaneous
> parts I wanted, and I suggest anyone in the area do the same for what they
> want.  There are signs in the store that indicate they have been evicted.
> I don't know any more about their situation or their timeframe for clearing
> out the store.  I saw a bunch of Apple II series machines, some Vic 20s,
> C64s, and TRS80s.  There are lots of electronics parts, vintage test
> equipment, and media.  Here is a message Beverly sent me:
> "Sure if you tell a computer Club about our store that would be great I
> keep swearing that there's got to be museums out there that would like some
> of the stuff we have even stuff that doesn't work you would think of Museum
> either them or people that are part of it would fix it and want it on
> display we've got to have some stuff that they may not have that they would
> still want the important thing is for them to understand that the prices on
> them are not what we're selling it for but we're also not able to be
> completely low-balled because we still need money we were talking today
> about how there's people that are probably not coming now because they
> think the day's going to come when everything in the store is like 90% off.
> And unfortunately we're not a regular store and I don't believe he's going
> to do that. So the thing is they need to just bargain with him and if he
> likes the price he will accept it . Or if that item he can go 50 off then
> he'll do that. If he can't or won't then he'll give you 30% off Etc. It
> probably will stay that way until we're out. Sometimes some things may go
> up to 75 some things you may only ever get up to 50% off. What the main
> idea is that you may not be able to get them after we're closed. we're not
> sure about that , so Now's the Time to really see and get what you want"
> So I would suggest that someone at the museum contact Beverly (Facebook
> seems to be the best way: https://www.facebook.com/KemnerEnterprises/ or
> https://www.facebook.com/bkemner ) and discuss what is possible and find
> out more about their situation with the contents of the store and their
> warehouses.  Perhaps a win/win situation can be found where some of their
> inventory is offered for sale at consignment at the VCF events around the
> country, or we repair some of their computers during upcoming workshops for
> use in a training lab - it's going to take some tact to negotiate so all
> communications should be done through Evan and the other VCF chapter
> leaders.  We can discuss more at next week's workshop.
> Thanks, Eric

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