[vcf-midatlantic] Staging Consignment Items

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Mar 25 13:41:16 EDT 2019

> I have a question:
> Would it be possible to consider a "vendor" area with tables, to sell your stuff?


We limit vendor tables to companies/people that are specifically in the 
business of selling relevant items.

For example, our usual three* vendors are Herb Johnson, Jeff Galinat, 
and Bob Applegate. Herb sells vintage computer items full-time 
(http://www.retrotechnology.com), Jeff is semi-retired with VCF East 
being a significant sales venue for him; and Bob runs a business making 
replica kits (https://www.corshamtech.com).

Individuals selling spare items use the consignment room.

The exhibit hall(s) are the heart of the show. That's what attracts 
families/kids and grows the hobby. If we operated a flea/swap (a la the 
ham radio folks and other events), then some collectors would decide to 
be vendors instead of exhibitors, and that would cannibalize the exhibit 

IMO, that's a crucial mistake which people make at hamfests and other 
venues: they produce events catering only to people who are * already in 
* their field. This is how you kill a hobby. Our mission is to grow the 
hobby, so we do everything possible to make the shows fun/exciting ... 
not just a bunch of old guys selling random stuff to each other while 
their spouses/kids are miserable on the sidelines.

* Jeff can't make it this year; Bob/Herb already reserved their spots; 
and we have a few newcomers this year too.

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