[vcf-midatlantic] Subject: Re: Hello - new to list

David K davekre17 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 20:55:03 EDT 2019

The two things I am most interested in working on are:

1. I have a Mac SE Superdrive.  It doesn't want to boot correctly and I get
an image of a disk with a question mark when I turn it on.  One time I used
a Desktop Diagnostic disk and I was able to get into the computer.  It
suggested there was damage to the hard drive and asked me if I wanted to
re-initialize (?) and I said no as I wanted to see what was on the
computer.  That was a mistake because since then the same diagnostic disk
will not do anything.  A "Macintosh Basic" introductory disk also works on
it but I can never get to the desktop screen.  It's been frustrating for

2.  Trying to get one of my Commodore 64's to work with sound.  I don't
know if the only way you can do it is to buy the correct chip (the 6581?).
I've never replaced something like this... I think it doesn't need
soldering but I'm not sure and I'm hesitant to buy the chip if that isn't
the solution or there is a better work around.

David K.

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