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> The two things I am most interested in working on are:
> 1. I have a Mac SE Superdrive.  It doesn't want to boot correctly and I get
> an image of a disk with a question mark when I turn it on.  One time I used
> a Desktop Diagnostic disk and I was able to get into the computer.  It
> suggested there was damage to the hard drive and asked me if I wanted to
> re-initialize (?) and I said no as I wanted to see what was on the
> computer.  That was a mistake because since then the same diagnostic disk
> will not do anything.  A "Macintosh Basic" introductory disk also works on
> it but I can never get to the desktop screen.  It's been frustrating for
> sure.
> 2.  Trying to get one of my Commodore 64's to work with sound.  I don't
> know if the only way you can do it is to buy the correct chip (the 6581?).
> I've never replaced something like this... I think it doesn't need
> soldering but I'm not sure and I'm hesitant to buy the chip if that isn't
> the solution or there is a better work around.
> David K.

I can help you with that or others there. It is easiest if we can open up
your machine to look. We can also use diagnostic cartridges to figure out
the problem.

Jeff Brace
Vice President
Vintage Computer Federation

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