[vcf-midatlantic] amber CRTs

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Fri Mar 29 17:00:44 EDT 2019

Someone is asking me for a particular oddball-brand 12" CRT monitor, for 
one of those "word processors". I'm posting here, because I have one for 
them but they want it cheaper than my price. (No, it's not CGA or VGA or 
MGA etc.)

But this monitor is *amber* (yellow phosphor) and that's how I value it, 
as a CRT part. If I have to buy such a CRT "cold", it's likely I'd have 
to spend $75 to get it. It will likely fit a number of terminals or 
vintage computers. (I know how to do that.)

So: does someone have a 12" amber CRT or monitor for sale? Then I can 
offer this guy what he wants a little cheaper. and I'm curious, do my 
vintage friends particularly *value* amber monitors (versus white and 
common-enough green) anymore? Is it still a thing?

Herb "screen-burn" Johnson

Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey in the USA
http://www.retrotechnology.com OR .net

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