[vcf-midatlantic] Update: Unix demo @ Bell Labs changed to Oct. 23

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Fri May 10 12:41:07 EDT 2019

> This is tentative / not yet 100%: Bell Labs (at the historic Murray 
> Hill, NJ location) is planning a Unix event on Wednesday, June 5. They 
> invited us to do a mini-version of Unix Town that afternoon.

It's official now, and it's delayed. The event is Wednesday, October 23 
and VCF is invited to have demos there. I visited this morning and saw 
the space where we'll be. We can fit about 10 tables. There is a freight 
elevator and we don't have to deal with any stairs. They are looking 
into 220V in case we need that.

This is NOT a public event: it's invitation-only. VCF can bring a finite 
number of people. I don't yet have an exact number but right now the 
offer is for people who can do VCF East-style booths. BL will be setting 
up their own exhibit in the same room. There will also be speeches by BL 
alums (presumably including Ken, Brian, etc.) and there will be lab 
tours (we're welcome to take part; I've already had the tour a couple of 
times over the years.)

Hours are not yet set. You should expect to need the whole day off work.

Sign up here: https://tinyurl.com/y5wnuzs9

We'll also have a dress code for this event. Yes I know it's not in the 
spirit of Unix greybeards :) but everyone should wear khakis (or better) 
and a collared shirt (ideally a VCFed polo; not MARCH; Jeff B. can speak 
to our remaining inventory of VCFed shirts). We are guests of Bell Labs 
and we should look professional.

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