[vcf-midatlantic] BK 467 CRT rejuvenator calibration question

corey cohen coreyvcf at gmail.com
Mon May 13 07:37:01 EDT 2019

I posted this on the VCF forum but got nothing in replies.  So I just recapped my new to me BK467 and easily calibrated the Heater voltage.  This is my last step to clear my workbench off for a new project arriving later this week.

Next up on the BK467 is the tracking range calibration.  The service manual I got online isn’t very clear.

After hooking up the resistor and warming the unit up in setup mode, it says to put the 467 into test mode, adjust the G2 red control till it reads full scale on the meter. I assume that means when it's at 2.0 (all the way to the right)?

Then it says while pressing the tracking button and adjust R23 until it reads the minimum setting. Does this mean 0 on the meter or at the "set tracking mark". I can't adjust R23 any lower than .2 on the meter so I'm hoping it's not supposed to be set to 0. 

Any help is appreciated.


corey cohen
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