[vcf-midatlantic] Monochrome and VGA together?

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Many VGA adapters have very large ROMs and map into memory space above 1M. The old part of the ROM that 'counts' is what is found during POST. Install one adapter at a time and map the memory space using one of those utilities that help to optimize DOS memory space. Once you know where each adapter maps its ROM, you might find two that can coexist.

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Ok, good. I think I have to downgrade my video card from VGA to EGA because the VGA ROM is 32k not 16k. Good thing I have a few of those too :-)





Rich Cini





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It was possible and common for CAD and software debugging scenarios. I know MDA and CGA worked together; not positive about EGA. Should be ok as long as there's no memory address or IRQ conflicts. 


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All —

I’m working on another project (with an early version of Windows) and for debugging on my AT, I need to run both a monochrome and EGA/VGA together. I’m quite rusty on this because I remember doing this long ago but it might be pre-VGA.

Is this possible?


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