[vcf-midatlantic] For Sale/Trade: AMD 5x86 DOS PC

Vincent B vincentbesse725 at gmail.com
Tue May 14 20:01:08 EDT 2019

Looking to part with a "Baby AT" AMD 5x86 DOS PC that's been in my closet
unused for a few years.

Specs are as follows:

486 VLB system in a mini tower:

Case has 2 x 5.25" slots and 2 x 3.5" slots. Includes 1.44 and 1.2MB
floppies, IDE CDROM (have not checked if it reads CDR's and it is easily
replaceable). Power, Turbo, Reset buttons, LED speed indicator (set to 133
and 8mhz currently)

Hint 486 motherboard with 2 VLB slots (both used) and ISA

A coin battery holder has been installed after the rechargeable one was
removed (mounted on case wall for easy access)

Evergreen CPU upgrade AMD 5X86-133 P75 X5 (its an AMD 486/133 surface mount
CPU with jumper configurations and a small heatsink no fan runs very cool)

32MB RAM (8x4MB 30 pin SIMMS)

Seagate ST 51080A 1083MB HD, no bad sectors.

1993 STB VLB Horizon video card (1MB I think CL-GD5426).

CT28040 SB16 sound card

3COM Etherlink II/16TP Ethernet card

VLB HD I/O card

Looking to either sell it outright or trade it for an Atari ST. Contact me
off-list to make a deal.


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