[vcf-midatlantic] Help with installing 1980s DOS program

Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
Fri May 17 11:32:12 EDT 2019

Herb, you have described a good portion of my life with computers. Putting aside my interaction with the Phreak/Crack scene in the early to mid 80s, much of my life has been spent as a User, not a programmer. 
I was 14 or so using Money Street on the Apple II to reconcile the Checking accounts for our boats for the accountant. I used it till probably 1990 or so, dot matrix printer and all. I could still use it today!

I had an SE/30 running as a file server until the early 2000s, the list of machines I’ve used for a decade or more after their discontinuation is long.

They were a toy when I was 10 and got my first one (Apple II) in 1978. They were both a tool and a toy from the time I was 12 or 13 right up to the present. I certainly do more things in today’s world with my modern machines than I did in the past (webdesign, app Dev, etc) but at my daily job running my business I still run some software from 10 years ago and more because it just works, doing the same job it did more than a decade ago. Meanwhile I have modern machines and software working as well.


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