[vcf-midatlantic] Museum Report 2019-05-19

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Sun May 19 16:21:33 EDT 2019

We still had visitors in spite of the nice weather.

A father and his college-age daughter came in and he explained how modems
worked to connect to other computers. She seemed perplexed. In the
"Everything on this wall now fits into your pocket" display, the daughter
couldn't identify the fax machine or digital answering machine, but she
identified the Magellan GPS navigator. I like to quiz "younger" people on
what the devices are in the display to see how they are unrecognizable to
the younger generation.

The next visitors were grandparents with their grandson of about 11 years
old. I had him type in a short BASIC program on the C64 with the bouncing
ball. He liked it so much that he recorded it on his iPhone. He typed it in
pretty well, but I had to help him debug it.

Then two couples with high interest. One of them did a picture on deluxe
paint and took a picture of his masterpiece.

Jeff Brace
Vice President
Vintage Computer Federation


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