[vcf-midatlantic] Maker Faire this year

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Thu May 23 15:13:13 EDT 2019

> > the ELF membership card.  I have the former, and I'm willing to lend 
> but the latter I'm sure someone else has on hand.
> http://www.sunrise-ev.com/membershipcard.htm
> For those not familiar: The 1802 Membership Card is a reasonable 
> replica to consider. It's pretty close in design, to the original 1976 
> RCA COSMAC ELF. It's part of a long tradition of ELF-like systems sold 
> over the decades. It has toggle switches and LEDs, like the original; 
> all parts are like-vintage. And it's not hard to build, it's sold as a 
> kit with how-to-assemble manual.
> All of that, is a deliberate effort to replicate the vintage experience.
> This model been in distribution for several years now. Interest is 
> steady, people work with them in the ELF/COSMAC community.
> I can provide one for display, but I can't be there to run it. In 
> operation, you either run it from a serial terminal (USB dongle to a 
> laptop), or toggle-in programs and run those (blink lights, make 
> sounds if there's a speaker, etc.), or run from ROM. The ROM runs a 
> monitor, or BASIC, or of course any program in ROM.

Fair enough -- yes we'd like to borrow that. Can you make (or refer us 
to) a cheat-sheet with some simple demo instructions?

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