[vcf-midatlantic] Museum Report 2019-05-26

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun May 26 19:45:33 EDT 2019

As for yesterday -- different kind of visitors -- about a dozen people, all
adults. In between tours I made one small improvement that nobody will
notice but it's important: there was a black network wire hanging down for
the info kiosk, so I put inside some leftover white wiremold that we had in
the workshop. Looks better now against the white wall.

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> Despite the good weather and holiday weekend, there was a dozen visitors
> and mostly high interest. One kid about 8 years old, who came with his
> parents claimed to know a lot about vintage computers. I told him, "That's
> a Lisa". He's like, "I know." He seemed to have some knowledge, seemingly
> to be from YouTube videos, etc. So he knew some stuff, but only a cursory
> knowledge. He was quite interested in trying all of them that he only saw
> on YouTube in person like the Osbourne, IBM PC, Macintosh, Apple 2, etc. He
> spent time on various computers and I let him try some of them out as best
> as I could. Not all of them have a lot of software with them.
> Another kid, of about 10 years old was with his parents and brother. He
> came to do a project on computers that he needed to graduate (his words)
> from elementary school. His father said that this was the only vintage
> computer museum within 200 miles. I gave him a full tour and let him try
> out some computers. I showed him how tedious it was to do a simple program
> on the HP 1000. I taught him the concept of octal in the process.. And I
> properly biased him towards Commodore computers. I said look at this Amiga
> from 1985 and look at that Macintosh from 1984, he was like "I would rather
> have the Amiga." ;) I also showed him how much better the C64 was than the
> Apple II. :-D He really enjoyed the tour.
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