[vcf-midatlantic] B&C Microsystems EEPROM software

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Mon May 27 15:33:14 EDT 2019

>  software
> that goes with a B&C Microsystems Inc. UP100 Universal RS232 E(E)PROM/Micro
> Programmer.

If this is some modern unit with a single-chip microcontroller, you are 
probably out of luck. If not, if it's vintage enough to have a 
microprocessor and some ROM and some RAM:

1) confirm the unit is "RS-232" or serial. Many of them used a PC 
parallel port. YOu'll have to reverse engineer the circuits at the DB25 
(or DB9) connector.

2) If it's really serial, chances are it can be operated with a serial 
terminal (or PC running a comm program). You may have to guess at the 
baud rates, it may be autobaud, using the first character received to 
determine a baud rate. "Hit return a lot.".

If it's PC parallel, you are mostly out of luck. But there's still:

3) if all that fails, Pull the PROM out of the unit - chances are it has 
one - and dump it. Of course you'll need an EPROM reader, once, to do 
this. Also note the processor in the unit. You may need to disassemble 
the code, at least a little. But it may be informative even as an ASCII 

- Um, this is the kind of thing done, lots of time in the past, to make 
sense of some unknown microcomputer. Is this "lost art" now?

Herb Johnson

Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey in the USA
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