[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon May 27 22:32:54 EDT 2019

There was a CDL (makerspace) barbecue tonight, so Charlotte and I went 
early to do some organizing in the museum and warehouse.

VCFed inherited an Eagle //e (CP/M computer) and Dan Roganti's PET 2001 
during VCF East. We moved both of those out of the workshop and into the 
warehouse. We made room for the Eagle on the E-for-Epson shelving unit. 
The PET went with our other PETs; there was plenty of space in that section.

We made a new "C" shelving unit for our two Canon Cats, and we're 
getting a third one soon. I am not sure what else will go on that unit.

We made another P-for-portables shelving unit and filled it about 
halfway. Now all the of extra luggables that were piling up elsewhere 
are where they belong.

Finally -- and this will make Jeff Brace happy -- we made a shelving 
unit for all of the VCF East show supplies. No more piling that stuff on 

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