[vcf-midatlantic] New museum artifacts -- great stuff!!

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Wed May 29 21:54:07 EDT 2019

There was a place in Wilmington, Delaware called the Museum of Business 
History and Technology. They closed and offered VCF most of their 
computer collection. We selected certain items. Today was trip number 
one. We'll take trip number two later this summer.

I rented a box truck and drove down there. Bill Degnan (and his GF and 
the MBHT guy) helped me load up. Steve Anderson helped me unload back at 
InfoAge in a massive thunderstorm!

Today's trip included:

- Two Xerox Star 8010: these are massively historic! 
http://www.digibarn.com/collections/systems/xerox-8010/index.html ... 
Our oldest Xerox system until now was the 860. There's only one keyboard 
and monitor. MBHT has the mouse and they promised to dig it out and send 
it to us ASAP. I don't know if any other mouse can be used for testing 
in the meantime.

- Xerox Daybreak (next version after the Star)

- DEC Industiral-8 (not sure how complete it is)

- Mac 20th anniversary edition

- IMSAI 8080

- SWTP CT-64 terminal

- PET 2001 with the black faceplate

- About a half-dozen unusual analog desktop computers/trainers, 
including the "cowculator".

- EAI TR-20. Bill I. is restoring our existing one, so this will help a 
lot for parts.

- NeXT Cube. It's funny after the lengths we went through to get one 
last year!

- IBM 5110 + drives.

- Intersil computer ... Degnan knows about this; I don't.

The next trip will be for rack-mount stuff. Stay tuned later this 
summer.  :)

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