[vcf-midatlantic] Warehouse on Saturday

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Wed May 29 22:04:11 EDT 2019

For everyone attending this weekend's workshop:

After today's haul from Delaware, Steve and I were not able to unload 
the truck until about 5:30, which was precisely the time when a MASSIVE 
THUNDERSTORM arrived in Wall Township.

We emptied the truck as fast as humanly (nerdily?) possible for our own 
safety and that of the computers. It was not confidence-inspiring 
standing inside a big metal box while my phone blared out the "emergency 
storm warning" tone.

We put everything immediately inside the warehouse doors and then got 
out of Dodge.

I won't be there until Saturday mid/late-afternoon, so if you go in the 
warehouse before that, you will find an incredible mess of incredible 
stuff! Feel free to move things to the side as needed, but PLEASE DO NOT 
start putting things away, because there are specific places that I need 
to put it all.

It'll get done by the end of the weekend.

Thanks for understanding -- usually the messes are because I 
procrastinate; this time it was about personal safety.

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