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Fri Nov 8 12:21:24 EST 2019

Sorry Jeff, while I wholeheartedly support prepayment for Festivus tickets,
I have to recommend to others to consider the PayPal vs. Eventbrite option
for Festivus. Especially if you want to ensure a spot, but there may be a
possibility where you have to back out at a later date. A PayPal refund
will refund the entire amount. Eventbrite will "steal" about $5 of your
refund for administration fees if you need to bail on the event.

I speak from experience. I had to cancel after purchasing my tickets.
Eventbrite gave me $29 and some change on the refund and kept the rest out
of the $35. Even VCF doesn't get to keep any of that $5+ for themselves...
which if I had to forfeit an admin fee, would have been the preferred

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> Some people have asked me about the Festivus tickets through Eventbrite.
> Eventbrite takes $2.50 for each ticket which is paid for by VCF. We decided
> to do it this way to put the burden on VCF and not the membership. The
> reason we are doing Eventbrite is because it is very easy to manage. I'm
> trying to get away from walking around all night collecting money from 50+
> people. The other option for those not wanting to do Eventbrite is PayPal.
> If anyone wants to pay via PayPal, then you can use the Friends and Family
> option. This way VCF doesn't have to pay the extra fee. This is still good
> for me because I don't have to walk around collecting money from 50 people.
> If you want to do PayPal, then send to paypal at vcfed.org and put in the
> note
> your Name, "Festivus 2019 dinner", "Festivus Dinner and Overnight".
> Any questions?
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