[vcf-midatlantic] Items available at Festivus

Jeff Galinat jgalinat at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 21:55:08 EST 2019

Since I have missed the last few workshops due to scheduling conflicts and
since some of you have expressed interest in some of the vintage computing
items I posted a few months ago, I will be attending Festivus to deliver
those items before I move to Tucson. There are now some additional items on
this list so please let me know if you are interested in any of this stuff
so I can bring it. Feel free to make an offer if you feel the price is out
of line. I will probably list a few more items before the event as I
uncover them.

Altair Clone with optional cassette interface $325
Please see altairclone.com for details

Apple //c with power supply $100
Composite Apple //c monitor with stand $40
$130 for the above pair
(Been in storage for 2 years - will test before Festivus

ECT S-100 chassis with 10 slot ECT passive terminated backplane & power
supply $125

ZETA 2 - Z-80 SBC with CP/M in ROM, 512kb RAM, floppy disk controller
Assembled & tested $115
ParPortProp board for above - adds SD card storage $40
Details here => <http://www.malinov.com/Home/sergeys-projects/zeta-sbc-v2>

Lee Hart's 1802 Membership Card early version - $35

Q & T - 8" Floppy drive enclosure power cord, fan, barrier strip for AC
power but NO POWER SUPPLY. Holds 1 - 8" full height drive or 2 - 8" half
height drives. $20

HP 6100Cse SCSI flatbed scanner new in box - perfect for vintage desktop
publishing $20

Assorted 4164, 41256 and 411000 type dynamic RAM NOS stored in tubes $5 for
quantity 10 of any type

Protec PRO-83 Z-80 microprocessor trainer with on board S-100 bus expansion
capability. Tested & working. A French manual is included along with an
English manual for its predecessor, the PRO-80. Keyboard operation is the
same for both units. $80

Quantronics/PSS 8K S-100 boards passed 2 types of memory tests no errors
(2 available) $30ea

Maximize BBX Computer - Modern day BASIC computer with case, power supply,
keyboard & speakers- $60
Details here:<


Jeff Galinat

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