[vcf-midatlantic] Festivus potential first timer

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Mon Nov 18 11:40:22 EST 2019

Hello all,

   I'm thinking about coming to my first Festivus. I don't really know much 
about it or the processes around it.

   Would driving in on Saturday morning and leving mid-day Sunday provide 
me a good Festivus experience? When do people usually arrive to start the 

   Is it a workshop type of thing? Or more social? (I have never been to a 
workshop in NJ, just one at System Source.) I do have an IMSAI 8080 that 
troubles me.

   I saw the food sign up sheet, and saw there is the local accomodations 
overnight. How late to people usually stay up?


           - Ethan O'Toole

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