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@Evan Did you mean to send this to the public list? Because only the MA
Admin can answer these questions.

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> I'm still on hiatus-ish until Festivus, but I was in the area and didn't
> have much to do today, so I took museum duty.
> It was busy. Cub Scout group (20-something people), RPI alumni group (10ish
> people), and regular visitors (10ish people). Kept me busy all day.

It's great that it was so busy. It's more fun when there are lots of

> It was the first time I used the upper rows of microcomputers which now
> have monitors.
> I was unable to get four things to work:
> - Apple II (crazy display)
> - Apple III (no display)
> - OSI Challenger (no display)
> - Atari 1040 (no display)

They all worked fine when I was there the previous day. I will take a look
on Wednesday.

> Also did anyone work on the Heathkit H19? If not then someone should ...
> looking at you Alex Bodnar. :)

We didn't look at that one yet. If Alex can fix, then maybe at the next
repair workshop in January?

> I was told the new screens auto-sense the input type but I had to set some
> of them manually.

I never had any problems with them. Just turn on computer, then monitor.
The power switch doubles as the input selector, so maybe it was changed

> Why is the original TCF poster taken down?

Corey can answer that.

> I put a sign ("new exhibit coming here soon") in the large empty spot where
> the Timberwolf tape library was.

What's Timberwolf?

> Someone had left a random Novell poster there. Totally out of place and
> context. I removed it.

That was me. I meant to have Corey move it on Wednesday. It had history of
Novell and history of Unix on it. Wasn't sure if we could use it or not.

> Note to everyone, you can't just put random stuff in the middle of
> exhibits.
> Somehow the info kiosk got borked. I rebooted it and now it works fine
> again. Someone had put a sign on it saying "under construction". I don't
> know why. It will soon be improved for version 2.0, but the current version
> 1.0 works fine. It is simplistic but not broken. I removed that sign.

Your definition of "fine" is quite different than mine ;)

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Vice President
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